Our primary goal is 100% participation. We would like 100% of those who call The Church of Eleven22 home to go before God and have a life-changing encounter with him as it relates to their generosity

We are believing God for our secondary goal of $24 million in generosity to accomplish these four gospel-centered initiatives in the next two years. Through the Before All Things initiative, we will:

Cultivate Ministry

We will continue to hold weekly worship gatherings, connect people to the family through serving and Disciple Groups, send people on short-term mission trips and transform communities locally and globally. We call it making disciple-making disciples. It is, and has been, our ministry objective since we opened. We will simply continue to do it.

Put Down Roots

God transformed this dirty, dilapidated old Walmart at the corner of Beach and San Pablo into something valuable - a place where thousands have surrendered to Jesus. Our building is a picture of the Gospel, taking something broken and making it valuable. Thanks to a purchase price we locked in 3 years ago, we are able to purchase our current building for a price that is far below the actual value, allowing us to put down roots at Beach and San Pablo.


Sow Gospel Seed

We want to sow gospel seed in Jacksonville and around the world, thereby being a conduit of God's blessing both locally and globally. We will partner with organizations in Jacksonville to build a job creation initiative, creating ways for families to break the cycle of poverty in our city by gaining employment. Globally, we will partner with organizations to plant 100 churches in Brazil and East Africa - churches that operate independent of Eleven22, with trained Pastors, Bibles in their own language and a building in which to meet.

Plant the Gospel

We will plant the Gospel in new communities throughout Jacksonville, partnering with families to reach their neighbors. In January 2016 we will open our second location in the Baymeadows area. We will purchase and renovate a facility where we can have an identical experience to our San Pablo location. Pastor Ryan Stone will be the leader of this new location, with Pastor Joby providing video teaching and pastoral oversight as one church in two locations.




A movement for all people to discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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