You Were Created to Sing


Can you finish these song lyrics?

Lean on me, when you're not _____________
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you ___________  _____
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to _________  _____

It’s amazing how a song can become ingrained in our memory, isn’t it? I still remember the jingle I was taught in third grade to memorize the fifty US states in alphabetical order. Let’s be honest, there is absolutely no practical application for that kind of information in my life, yet it’s still embedded in my memory more than two decades later. Maybe that’s why a philosopher once said: “Let me write the songs of a nation – I don’t care who writes its laws.”

There’s something about music that just…sticks.
And I don’t think it’s by coincidence, I believe it’s by design.

You see, the people of God have always had a song, from the song of Moses in Exodus 15 to the song of the Lamb in Revelation 15 and everywhere in between. In fact, God Himself is a singing God. Zephaniah 3:17 says that God rejoices over us with loud singing!  Incredible, right? And because you and I have been created in the image of God, we have been hardwired to sing. 

So the fact that we sing every week at Eleven22 wasn’t our idea, it was His. 
Listen to what the Apostle Paul says: 

Colossians 3:16
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.

Paul says that when the church sings (1) it has purpose (2) it has power and (3) it sticks
Let’s unpack these points a little bit.


Singing Has Purpose
Singing isn’t just a warm-up before we hear the gospel preached later in the service. We are singing the gospel. There’s actually a sermon being preached through our songs. For instance, check out this lyric we sing all the time: 

Then on the third at break of dawn, the Son of Heaven rose again.  O trampled death where is your sting? The angels roar for Christ the King!

That’ll preach! Right? And that’s what Paul means when he says we are “teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom.” We’re singing the gospel into our souls. 

Singing Has Power
I remember one time after a service, a father came up to me and said, “Phillip, you need to know what just happened. While we were singing about Jesus dying on the cross, my 10-year-old son grabbed me by the arm, looked up into my eyes and said, ‘Dad, I get it now. I understand what Jesus did for me and I want to give my life to Him.’” 

Can you imagine the joy in that father’s heart? That’s real! That’s life-changing. And that’s exactly what happens when we sing together.  God is among us, and His Spirit is moving in power. 

Singing Sticks
During the Reformation, music was one of the primary ways Martin Luther propelled the gospel. How? He simply wrote songs that people loved to sing. Even his opponents admitted that Luther won more converts through his songs than his preaching. They said, “The people are singing themselves into his doctrines!” They could burn his books, they could force him into hiding, but then they’d walk down the street and hear people humming his songs.

The same principle explains why a third grade jingle is still stuck in my brain a quarter of a century later. It’s because singing sticks! So if we want the Word of Christ to dwell in us richly, we’ve got to sing. If we want to anchor our lives in the promises of God, we’ve got to sing. If we want to soak our hearts in the truth of the gospel, we’ve got to sing.


So this week during corporate worship, enjoy the God-given gift of singing. 

Remember its purpose. 

Feel its power.

And let the Word of God stick to your soul.




Contributed by: Phillip Townsend

Your Whole Life Is Worship


If you’ve been around the church very long, you’ve probably heard musicians referred to as “worship leaders” and music referred to as “worship”.  While both are true, the terminology can sometimes make us think that worship only happens when we sing. When we spend our money on Amazon, well, that’s something different.  Or when we’re at home surrounded by the chaos of our kids, that’s something different.  Or when we’re trying to meet deadlines at work, that’s something different.

The result is that we shrink down worship to this tiny little subset of our lives that amounts to a few minutes on the weekend.  But who are we kidding?  We cannot confine the worship of the living God to a four-minute song.  Nor can we limit Him to a service on Sunday.  He’s worthy of so much more than that, isn’t He?  Listen to what the apostle Paul says:

Romans 12:1
I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

Paul is saying your whole life is worship!  Every moment, every breath.  How you treat your spouse and kids is an act of worship.  How you walk in your singleness is an act of worship.  How you work for your boss, or how you fill out your taxes, or what you do in secret when no one sees but you and God – it’s all an act of worship.  Sure, these moments may not feel as spiritual as lifting your hands and singing with abandon to the Lord, but His Word says they are every bit as important. 

Here’s the point: Worship isn’t just a song, it’s a way of life.  It’s defined by the hundreds of decisions you make every day.  Every decision is a sacrifice.  Either you sacrifice your will to obey God’s will, or you sacrifice God’s will to obey your will.  If you want to know who you really worship, then just follow the trail of sacrifices.  Do they lead to Jesus, or do they lead to you?

As the people of God, may our lives be a continual sacrifice of praise to Jesus.
He has no rival. 
He has no equal. 
He’s worthy of my worship. 
He’s worthy of your worship. 
He’s worthy of the world’s worship.  

So let’s spend our lives giving Him the praise He is due.



Contributed by: Phillip Townsend


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