Hopes Closet Jobs Initiative is a six-month holistic program that sows gospel seeds in our community. More than just job training, our participants are included in our Hope's Closet Thrift Store family, share meals together, and receive individual counseling.


A combination of classroom and on-the-job training prepares participants for outside employment upon graduation. By addressing spiritual, physical, emotional and vocational development, we equip the whole person to successfully move in a new direction, dependent on God and seeking His purpose.



Spiritual Development and Discipleship

Discipleship is the core of everything we do in Hope’s Closet Jobs Initiative. Mealtime discussions, customer interactions, and even career plans are based on the firm foundation of the Gospel. Starting Point classes provide a Biblical foundation for faith, and participants are also encouraged to join Disciple Groups in order to build relationships in the Eleven22 community.


Each participant is matched with a mentor from our Care team. The mentor acts as a one-on-one support to the participant, monitoring training progress throughout the program. Mentors work with trainees to connect with resources needed to sustain participation, identify their individual long-term goals and begin next steps.

Classroom Training

Classes are held twice a week for the first two months, following the Jobs for Life work-skills curriculum. This material covers the "soft skills" necessary for success in our current job market, such as character, diligence, becoming the employee that employers want, and developing a SMART career plan. Monthly life skill classes help participants learn budgeting, nutrition, and other essentials of daily life.

Work Experience

Hands-on training at Hope’s Closet Thrift store gives an opportunity to practice what we cover in the classroom, hone customer service skills, and demonstrate to future employers that participants can be reliable and valuable employees.


Participants complete an intake with a provided Counselor, then follow the recommendations of the Counselor for continuing therapy.

Business Partner Referrals

The culmination of this program is connecting our trainees with Business Partners who will consider successful participants for employment.

The 2017 program began May 1 and participants will graduate in October. 

 Look out in early 2018 for our next spring onboarding.


Serve staff and business partners are indispensable pillars of Hope’s Closet Jobs Initiative. As we seek to sow gospel seeds in our participants, serve staff and business partners are a key link to connect trainees to the body of Christ. 

If you’re interested in serving, you can get involved in the following ways:

Assist in teaching Jobs for Life classes, as well as providing specialized expertise through Life Skill classes. Those classes include resume writing, budgeting and financial planning, nutrition, auto buying, gardening, dress for success, and practice interviews.
Help in this area includes tracking attendance and assignments, process planning, and scheduling Serve Staff.
Help plan and coordinate meals and celebrations for Jobs Initiative participants.


Become a business partner and have the opportunity to participate in practice interviews and employer panels, and consider applications from our graduates for employment. By helping to provide the participants with real world experiences and opportunities, being a business partner is one of the most impactful ways to see this program succeed.


For more information on what God is doing in Jacksonville through the Hope's Closet Jobs Initiative program contact our program coordinator.

Hope's Closet is located at 14286 Beach Blvd, #44, Jacksonville, Florida 32250.



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