Meet Brittany & James - #WeAre22


We started attending Eleven 22 in February of 2017. After a year, of “church shopping” we had finally found a Pastor whose messages resonated with both of us. We had listened to several of his online sermons over the course of the year and kept coming back for more.

The one thing that was keeping us from moving from part-time, online participants to regular campus attendees was the drive to the beach. We were hoping to find a parish close to home that we could plug into and meet other couples that lived nearby. It was important for both of us to connect with a community on our faith journey. James is a pilot at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, and when we heard that a few other couples in his squadron attended Eleven22 and lived near us we asked them how they felt about the drive to San Pablo. That’s when they told us about the Mandarin Campus and invited us to join them one Sunday. We loved it! The campus in our community was the missing link for us. 

Both of us grew up having a relationship with God and wanting to share that with a future spouse. Life can get in the way sometimes if it isn't prioritized first and foremost. Last year between James buying a home, getting acclimated to a new squadron, and me making changes in my career…our spiritual life started to take a back seat. We were still growing together but not in our faith. We knew that in order to have a truly fulfilling marriage, God needed to be at the center. James was looking for a pastor that put the Bible into practical applications for our life and we found that at Eleven22. This has allowed him to feel equipped to be the spiritual leader for our family and for me, it feeds my soul when I get to worship with him by my side and discuss the sermons with him each week. So far, the biggest impact Eleven22 has had on our relationship is bringing to light areas we need to strengthen in our daily lives. Specifically, how we can better interact with and serve one another. We look forward to all the ways God will continue to work through Eleven22 to draw us closer to Him and strengthen our future marriage!  - Brittany & James, #WeAre22 


Meet Jessie - #OnMission

Meet Jessie Stalnaker, our Global Missions Coordinator - #WeAre22

"So I will admit, I am one of those people who often needs God to smack me over the head with truth. I remember a few years back I was in a stagnant walk with Christ at the time. I wasn't in a bad place, in fact, not at all. I was going through the Christian motions. I had re-surrendered my life a few years prior, was plugged in to the church, but kinda felt like I was just showing up on Sunday's and checking the boxes. I was stuck in this routine of "mediocre Christianity." After praying that God would ignite a new spark in me, I felt this overwhelming push that He was calling me to take a leap of faith. Somehow, shortly after that, I ended up on a mission trip that really changed my whole perspective. That trip showed me what it means to truly chase after the Lord and left me seeking a radical life that was on fire for Jesus!

What I experienced on the mission field was God in a way that I had never known. It is amazing how much closer you become to Jesus when you are able to tune out the rest of the world and your soul purpose is to lean into Him. God oftentimes places us in unique situations, alongside intentional people, and in specific circumstances that show us tiny glimpses of who He is. It happens all around us everyday, but it took me stepping out of my busy life to really comprehend it. And, that is what a short-term mission trip did for me.  

Admittedly, it was not an easy task for me to surrender all of my fears and be obedient to what I felt God was calling me to and the person He was calling me to be. It was a process that required a lot of faith and a lot of letting go. But, for me it was the first step to a life in which I am truly living out my purpose; to be intentionally on mission for Christ."


Wanna go #OnMission yourself?

If you are interested in going #OnMission with Eleven22, then attend a Missions Info Night - TONIGHT - 6:30pm at ALL campuses! Or if you can't make the meeting, visit coe22.com/missions


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