Saturated Devo - Day 1

Day 1

by: Pastor Joby Martin  

Discover: Read Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 (Parable of the Sower) 

Deepen: Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is like a farmer that scatters seed on the ground. The interesting thing is the same seed is scattered on four different types of soil, and there are four different harvests or results. It’s obvious Jesus is teaching that it's the condition of the soil, not the scattering of seed that determines growth. Here at Eleven22 we are committed to teaching the Bible each week and showing you how it applies to life. We are committed to teaching you the Gospel and how to be a disciple-making disciple. But, your responsibility is the condition of the soil of your life. Our hope and prayer during this time is that God would use the prayer, fasting, and this devotional to till up and fertilize your heart so that you are ready to receive what He has for you. The enemy will try to come and steal His word away through busyness and distraction. The world will try to choke out what God wants to do in your life. So, fasting is one of the best ways to say "no" to the busyness of this world, and say "yes" to Jesus. There are some rocky places in all of our hearts. Oftentimes the only way these rocks can be dislodged, so the Word of God can grow deep, is through intentional times of prayer. We're trying to position our entire church in this season to experience the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit in an intensified work through His church. 

As we begin this journey together as a faith family, may you commit to do your part to fertilize the condition of the soil of your heart knowing that God always does His part to draw near to us in these times. 

Prayer: Our good and gracious heavenly Father, I commit in this season of Saturated to draw hear to you, knowing that you will draw near to me. I pray against busyness. I pray against distraction. I pray against my flesh that in this season I can say "no" to this world, and say "yes" to you. Thank you that you loved me first, and you are a promise-keeping God. Amen. 

Take Action: Give the first part of your day, throughout Saturated, to spending time with the Lord in this Saturated devotional. 

Daniel Fast Recipe: Mexican Quinoa 

#WeAre22 - Meet Kristen Flynt

Several years ago, while our family was planting a church, we decided to do our first Daniel Fast. We had some big decisions to make, and we thought the fast would help us grow closer to the Lord and seek His will for our family and the church we were planting. The fast did not go well.  

One thing I learned from the fast was that we were not eating well.  When I checked the labels of food in my pantry, fridge, and freezer in preparation for the fast, I was shocked at the amount of salt and sugar we were eating, let alone the strange ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce. This began a slow process for me of eating better and cooking better for my family.

The next time we tried the Daniel Fast, Adam was joining the staff of Eleven22. We had a great (not easy, but great) experience! Since we had intentionally been eating better for a few years, I had a collection of recipes that were Daniel Fast ready. These recipes took away the confusion and frustration of what we were going to eat each day. The fast still required discipline, but we were able to have a time of concentrated prayer without stressing over ingredients and without eating the same thing every day.

After talking to people who wanted to do the Daniel Fast, but didn’t understand it, I decided to create a website with all of the recipes that I have found, adapted, and used. You can make any of the meals or snacks without worrying if the ingredients meet the Daniel Fast requirements. And, all of the recipes have been cooked, taste tested, and approved by the Flynt family! You may see a couple ingredients you haven’t used before, but this is a great chance to give them a try!

My prayer is that this website will take away the obstacles keeping you from doing the Daniel Fast and focusing on Jesus, together with our whole Eleven22 family. I can’t even imagine what God will do this Saturated as thousands of Eleven22ers spend a few weeks saying “no” to our flesh and “yes” to Jesus while praying for revival in our church and our community.  - Kristen Flynt, #WeAre22 


Kristen, Pastor Adam's wife, is passionate about making this Daniel Fast as easy as possible for us so that we can truly dive deeper in our relationship with Jesus during this season. She created a meal plan and even a grocery list! For the meal plan and grocery list visit coe22.com/saturated under "Daniel Fast Meal Plan," or for more recipes you can visit danielfasting.com

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