February 26 - April 9

Traditionally, Lent serves as a way to commemorate Jesus’s 40 days of fasting and temptation in the desert. Lent is not commanded in Scripture, it is a personal and communal way to prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate Easter.

At Eleven22, we practice Lent because we believe it’s beneficial at times to tell our flesh no, so we can tell Jesus yes.

Fasting & Hour of Prayer

We as a church will be fasting on Wednesdays from sunup to sundown.

Lent Podcast Series

This Lent season we are releasing a series of podcasts working through some of the miracles of Jesus shared with us across the gospel accounts, looking at how each of these miracles point us to the greatest of all miracles, which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The podcast is available here and on our mobile app. Episodes will be released Monday-Saturday until April 11.

Good Friday

There is no celebration of the risen King without the crucifixion. We can’t properly celebrate the resurrected Jesus without first meditating on His suffering that Friday. Check back here Wednesday, April 8 for more information on how we will observe Good Friday.