Ministry Areas

Interns serve alongside staff in a specific ministry area. Ministry area assignments are made in partnership with the intern and are based on the needs of the ministry area, the intern’s experience and educational background, and his or her desired ministry future. The Church of Eleven22 offers several unique opportunities in which an intern may serve. Click on the ministry areas below to view a typical intern role description for the ministry area.

Developmental Components

The Church of Eleven22 School of Ministry focuses on intern development via six integral components:

Ministry Experience is the primary component in this two-year program. To ensure that each intern has the ability and knowledge to effectively and competently lead as a full-time minister, interns participate in, lead, and are responsible for significant and real-life ministry experience.
Interns meet weekly with their ministry area Direct Report to discuss their ministry area progress, ensure professional growth, and provide the intern every opportunity to gain the competencies needed for full-time ministry.
The Leadership Training Curriculum trains interns in an interactive, engaging classroom environment designed to give valuable insight into four different types of leadership: self, relational, spiritual, and organizational. In addition, the School of Ministry provides auxiliary training events in the areas of preaching/teaching, pastoral care/counseling, spiritual formation/discipleship, and missions.
Although Personal Development is similar to Ministry Mentoring, it more about who the intern is than what the intern does. Two times per month the Intern Coach meets one-on-one with the intern to support their personal development and individual discipleship.
We believe that the synergy experienced in a healthy staff culture is more "caught" than "taught," and that interns benefit greatly from participating in a thriving and healthy staff and church culture. The Church of Eleven22 staff culture includes weekly staff meetings, staff lunches and various staff events. Within this context interns pick up the unique nuances and attitudes that make the culture of the Church of Eleven22 so distinct.
Twice a year formal evaluations allow for the intern, Intern Coach, and the intern's Direct Report to evaluate the intern’s School of Ministry experience, as well as his or her readiness for ministry. Additionally, these evaluations identify areas for growth that may have been overlooked in the five developmental components.

Ministry Area Internships

Applications are accepted year round. The Internship starts in August.

Application Process

Step 1

Download and complete three recommendation forms as part of your online application. Please note, this is an editable PDF. Simply click the question to fill in your answer.

Recommendation Form

Step 2

Download and complete the questionnaire. You will upload as part of your application. Please note, this is an editable PDF. Simply click the question to fill in your answer.

Questionnaire Form

Step 3 (worship ministry only)

Candidates applying to the Worship Ministry must submit digital recordings of their performance. Review the digital recordings directions below. Please ensure you have completed your demo recordings and uploaded to YouTube prior to beginning the online application.

Recordings Instructions

Step 4

Submit application. Please ensure you have your completed the previous steps prior to beginning the application.

Internship Application


The School of Ministry Internships begin in early-August each year.
Interns work a total of 25 hours a week. These hours consist of practical hands-on ministry experience, leadership training and personal development.
Interns are paid $8.65/hour for 25 hours a week each month (around $840 per month), before deducting all applicable withholdings.
The School of Ministry is designed to be a transitional step from college into full-time ministry, therefore a college degree is strongly preferred.
Although not guaranteed, the School of Ministry's desire is for 100% placement of interns into a full-time ministry position at a partner church.
Please contact Eddy Foye, School of Ministry Director with any additional questions.