Israel Trip

Visit the Holy Land with Eleven22 Family

This is a New Testament tour. We will explore some of the most significant places from Jesus's birth, life, death and resurrection. The tour will include a fair to significant amount of walking and physical exertion.

Registration is not open for the 2020 Israel trip yet. All of the information for the next trip and the registration will be posted this summer.



Dates: TBD
Tour Cost: TBD
Land Tour Payment Schedule: TBD




Airfare is purchased separately by the traveler, through our group travel agents. Contact information for our group travel agents will be provided following confirmation of your Registration Form. Prices vary depending on rates at time of purchase. Fares are estimated at $1,500 to $1,800. If you have airline miles, the travel agency can work with you to utilize your airline miles, if possible. It is recommended that you purchase your airfare 90 days prior to trip departure. It is also recommended that you purchase travel insurance as part of your airfare.

Travelers will be required to attend a meeting in January and one in February. The first meeting will focus on preparing for the trip, the process for entering/exiting the country, safety/security, what and how to pack, weather, traditions, etc. The second meeting will focus on the spiritual aspects of our trip and how to best prepare to deepen and grow your faith.

  • Meeting #1 - January, specific date TBD @ San Pablo
  • Meeting #2 - February, specific date TBD @ San Pablo

No. While we’re always ‘on mission’ as followers of Christ, this is a personal discipleship trip intended to deepen your faith and your knowledge of significant events and places from Jesus’ time on earth, through first-hand experience. Ultimately, this trip will have a powerful impact on your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

No. There are no required shots however, we do recommend a tetanus shot for general health and safety.

Yes, we welcome children that are 12 years old or older. The same price applies.

Yes. Security in Israel is the best in the world and utilizes the greatest technology. The economy of tourism is paramount for both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, so tourist areas are highly guarded and secure. Prior to the trip we will review all pertinent safety-related information. Additionally, tour leaders review Stratfor security insights daily to be aware of known security issues and to change the itinerary if needed.

No. Since this is not a mission trip, we will not be raising funds. Each individual will be responsible for securing their own payment apart from donations.

Any tour payments are fully refundable up until December 2019. Airline tickets are purchased separately and are only refundable if you purchase travel insurance and if the reason for the refund falls within the insurance coverage.

Yes. Registered travelers will be required to attend an informational meeting to discuss topics such as:

  • Preparing in advance for the trip (i.e. Passports, process at Passport control, process for exiting the country)
  • Safety/security
  • What and how to pack
  • Weather