Week 2: A Place




23 After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone… Matthew 14:23

12 One of those days, Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.  Luke 6:12 

Do you have a PLACE? You need a place. You need at least two places. All throughout the gospels you don’t have to go far to find verses like the two listed above.

Jesus made it a habit to go to a certain place to pray and spend time with the Father.  He seemed to prefer mountains. Do you have a place that you regularly meet with God? If not, then you need one. If you are going to DEEPEN your relationship with Jesus, then it will require that you spend time with Him on a regular basis. 

Now, what you do in that time is unique to you. But you must spend time regularly with Him to know Him…and the place matters. I have two places to meet with the Lord.  One is a place that I can get to everyday. It isn’t very special or spiritual. It’s just my back yard. We have a couple of wicker chairs and some trees. It’s pretty quiet and works.

The other place is in the woods. If you’ve attended Eleven22 for very long at all then you know that every Monday I head to South Georgia to sit in a tree stand. That’s my place. 

So, do you have a place to meet with the LORD? If not, figure it out now. And begin to go to that place on a regular basis to meet with God. He has invited you. 

What do you do when you get there you ask? It depends on you a little. Jesus prayed all night. I read my bible then pray then read my bible some more. You could write out your prayers, memorize scripture, read big chunks of the bible, sing, meditate on one word from the Word… 

The important thing is consistency. Small deposits over a long period of time have a cumulative effect (I heard Andy Stanley say that once). It’s true. When you first begin spending time with the Lord it may seem a bit awkward, like a party of one.  But trust me, over time you will develop a rhythm with Him that you will long for. And the PLACE can play an important role. In fact, you should have 2 places. One place that you can go to pretty much every day. What will begin to happen is that your physical self will be signaled that it’s time to meet with the Lord as you step into that space. And you need a second place, a place that you can get to once a week or every other week where you plan to not be hurried in your time with the LORD.  The reason I go into the woods each Monday to spend the bulk of the day with the Lord is because I am desperate for Him. I don’t just need to write a sermon. I need Him. I need to pray and listen and meditate and think and cry out. I hope and pray this year you will create a place that you can lean into God and watch Him draw near to you. He promised that He would.

So here is your homework: Establish a place. Buy a big chair, convert that guest room that you haven’t used in two years, go to the beach…whatever it takes…find your place.

Once you find/create/establish your place, go there often to meet with God.