Saturated Devo - Day 10

Day 10 by: Jessie Stalnaker, Global Missions Coordinator Discover: Read Psalm 63  Deepen: God alone can satisfy our deepest longings. I remember as early back as my childhood feeling this unexplainable void that I was never...

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Saturated Devo - Day 9

Day 9 by: April Crews, Kids Project Manager  Discover: Read John 4:1-15 Deepen: Do you ever read Scripture and wonder why certain things made it in or why that particular detail is there? In verse 6 of this passage, the author...

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Saturated Devo - Day 8

Day 8 by: Pastor Ben Philips, Mandarin Campus Pastor  Discover: Read Psalm 42  Deepen: Have you ever gotten in an argument with yourself? Have you ever felt like you knew something to be true, but no matter how hard you tried...

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