12 Days 12 Ways.

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My hope for this series of blogs is to help us think a little harder, dream a little deeper and draw a little closer to the heart of what makes this time of year so unique. Some are imagined stories or "what if" scenes based on real events that...

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Grace in the Storm

Irma.  She’s big.  She’s nasty.  She’s unpredictable.  At this very moment winds howl at 50+mph outside my home in Jacksonville, Fla. Further south, they have faced the brunt of the largest hurricane I have...

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Saturated Devo - Day 23

Day 23 by: Clifton Stanton, Student Minister, San Pablo Discover: Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-28 Deepen: As we get ready for Saturated this is a fitting verse to prepare our hearts. Paul is writing specifically of the resurrection of...

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