Saturated Devo - Day 19

Day 19  by: April Terrell, Connections Director Discover: Read James 5:13-20 Deepen: If you woke up one day and had the cure for cancer, would you not share it with the world? We have something more powerful – life and...

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Saturated Devo - Day 18

Day 18 by: Holly Hajdu, Administrative Assistant, Baymeadows Discover: Read Matthew 6:5-8 Deepen: We are commanded to pray. It doesn’t say “if you pray,” rather, “WHEN you pray.” So we know that our...

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Saturated Devo - Day 17

Day 17  by: Derek Davis, Communication Project Manager Discover: Read John 15:1-17 Deepen: In these 17 verses, Jesus covers a lot of ground, the verse that strikes me most is verse 11, “These things I have spoken to you...

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