Baptism Classes

We're so glad you're interested in taking this next step and publicly declaring that Jesus is your Lord and Savior!

In preparation for baptisms happening during Saturated, September 15-19, we are offering in-person classes after every service from August 26 - September 17 at all campuses. Online classes will be offered after the 7:22pm, 9am and 11:22am services. If you attend other online service times, instructions to schedule a private baptism class will be provided during service. Classes are designed for adults and students (6th-12th grade).

Kids Baptism Classes

If your child (5th grade or younger) has expressed an interest in getting baptized, we want to equip you to walk alongside your child in their discipleship journey. Please use the link below to start your child's baptism process.

Interested in Kids Baptism

Why Should I Get Baptized?

It's a powerful reminder for you and others of Christ's death, burial and resurrection. The Bible instructs us to be baptized in Acts 2:38. We are called to imitate Christ and He was baptized in Matthew 3:13.

When Should I Get Baptized?

We celebrate together throughout the year, usually in January to kick off the year, around May for Beach Baptism and September during Saturated...but sometimes we may be spontaneous and have baptism tubs down front at the end of services! In the four to six weeks leading up to these baptism services, classes are held for about 20 minutes after every service at all of our campuses AND online. If you're interested in being baptized and would like to be notified about upcoming baptism classes, please click here.