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Disciple Groups Resource Guide

Manage Your Group

We understand that people learn in different ways. That’s why we’ve created videos and documents with screenshots to explain how to manage your group in the Rock. Choose the method of learning that you prefer.

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Disciple Your Group

You have been called to be a disciple-making disciple. We have created some videos and documents to equip you to disciple your group members.

Raise and Send

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Group Leader Events

New Leader Training - May 1

Coach and Leader Gathering - May 2

New Leader Training - May 22

New Leader Training - July 31

New Leader Training - August 7

Coach and Leader Gathering - August 15

Coach Retreat - December 2

New Leader Training - December 4

New Leader Training - December 18

Group Leader FAQs

Is God calling you to take this next step of obedience in Christ? The best way to answer that is to pray about it, review the qualifications, roles and expectations of a disciple group leader and ask God if He is leading you into this opportunity. (You can find more details on that in the “Leaders and Coaches” section of the Disciple Groups Resource Guide)

As a disciple group leader you facilitate one meeting a week, record attendance and maintain your group roster on the church website, serve with your group (3x/yr), maintain communication with your group members and your coach, and look for opportunities to raise up and send out new leaders from your group.

The time commitment is usually between two to four hours a week. We ask that you commit to being a leader for at least one trimester.

We provide a sermon-based curriculum every week on the church website. It’s designed to take us deeper into our relationship with Jesus by diving deeper into His Word, based on the previous week’s sermon.

We ask that you use our curriculum instead of another Bible study so we can be one church with many locations.

We offer men’s, women’s and mixed groups based on where you live to encourage people of all ages, life stages & backgrounds to disciple one another in their own local neighborhoods. We believe everyone has something to contribute and offer to a disciple group.

Group coaches encourage, equip and empower disciple group leaders. Group coaches may offer the first level of care for disciple group leaders. They intentionally focus on the leader’s individual spiritual health along with the health of their group. Group coaches offer help wherever it is needed and are the main point of contact with questions, concerns and challenges a leader may experience.

The first person to reach out to is your group coach. (See question 5)

Our ideal size for a disciple group roster is 15 for men’s and women’s groups and 20 for mixed groups. Most groups that have a roster of this size will experience weekly group sizes of 10-15. Once your group grows to this size (15 or 20), we want to look at updating your roster to include only active participants and/or begin praying about multiplying your group.

Our heart is to ensure groups maintain a level of authenticity and intimacy so that deep discipleship occurs. We’ve found this happens best in smaller group sizes.

Campus coaches are serve staff who encourage, equip and empower the group coaches to do likewise with the group leaders. Campus coaches also offer care to their disciple group coaches. They intentionally focus on their coach’s individual spiritual health along with the health of their coach’s leaders. Campus coaches offer help to their coaches wherever it is needed and are the main point of contact for them, and an escalation point for leaders.